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Overnight Sensations

Bayliner has outfitted its latest Cruiser lineup with every necessary comfort to ensure 'round-the-clock boating bliss.

The cowboy may sing with a heavy heart for his home on the range, but every boater knows that nothing compares to a home on the water. You still get the cloudless skies, the bright heavens with the glittering stars—who can say a discouraging word about all that?—along with a welcome bonus: no risk of the roaming buffalo or playful antelope moseying through your front door.

That’s the beauty of owning a Bayliner Cruiser. It offers all the pleasures of the boating lifestyle 24 hours a day, from action-packed afternoons of cruising and exploring new locales, to the stillness of quiet nights spent docked at a cozy marina. With generous cockpit space, Cruisers provide an effortlessly sociable area for the crew while underway. A Cruiser cabin—complete with a galley, dining area, sleeping quarters and a private head unit—comfortably recharges the crew for the next day’s activities.

Overnight Sensations

Wet your toes with an optional extended swim platform (available on all Cruiser models).

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Let’s see how a Bayliner Cruiser handles a weekend trip to a nearby port of call. First things first: packing. Depending on the size of your crew, you may be stuck toting along a lot of stuff—clothes, towels, food, drinks. The list gets especially long if you’ve got a few young kids in tow. But not to worry, Bayliner Cruisers are designed to gobble up the things you bring onboard. Transom storage compartments are ideal for all those utilitarian items like fenders, life jackets, lines, tools and water toys. Cruiser cockpits are also built with storage in mind. Filler cushions, removable tables and coolers brought onboard all stow away in cavities beneath bench seating. That way these items are always close at hand when you want to change gears from, say, open-air dining to lounging. Scarcely any potential storage space goes unused—Bayliner designers have seen to that.

The same philosophy that makes Cruiser cockpits so functional has also been carried below deck. From galley drawers and pantry cupboards, to cubbies, cabinets and hanging lockers, Cruisers accommodate the entire spectrum of domestic paraphernalia that families need from day to day.

Once everybody and everything has found its place onboard, the next thing to do is, well, cruise! Like their name suggests, Bayliner Cruisers do this exceptionally well, thanks to smooth-riding hulls, wide beams that promote stability, and abundant standard power that keeps you in command on the water, even in rough conditions. But Bayliner also understands that the true measure of performance isn’t power alone; fuel efficiency is a factor, as well. Bayliner only outfits its Cruisers with economical Mercury sterndrive engines. Most Bayliner Cruisers can be equipped with optional diesel engines, which provide extremely cost-efficient propulsion for owners who have their eyes on the horizon.

So now that we’re underway, how do we get to our destination? A good GPS chartplotter can guide the way—and Bayliner partners with one of the most trusted names in GPS technology to supply its Cruisers with navigation electronics. Optional Garmin GPS units are mounted in dedicated locations at the helm for easy reading by the captain. They offer all the latest features to ensure your cruise remains on course.

By the time you reach your destination, and daytime has settled into evening, dinner is bound to be on everyone’s mind. So what’s cooking? Anything, really. Every Bayliner Cruiser galley includes lots of counter space, an electric stove and microwave, which means there’s no limit to your onboard culinary ambitions. And you could just as easily enjoy your meal in the cabin or outdoors. All Cruisers have a salon dinette that seats at least four diners comfortably. On those pleasantly cloudless, starry nights, Bayliner Cruisers cater to effortless alfresco dining; full camper canvas enclosures, available on all Bayliner Cruiser models, provide ventilation while keeping pests out of the cockpit, so dinner can proceed without any unwanted guests.

As the day finally winds down and the crew begins to turn in, passengers will appreciate the privacy afforded by the head units and mid-berths within Cruiser cabins. Several models offer fully enclosed mid-berths with lockable doors, as well as privacy curtains that close off the forward V-berth.

Your Cruiser still has one more pleasant surprise to reveal come morning. A light-filled cabin is a signature element of Bayliner Cruiser design. Well-located portholes and skylights bathe the salon in sun, creating an open and welcoming environment below deck. There’s no fumbling for the light switch, just a warm wake-up call courtesy of the coming day.

The range sure has its merits, but nothing compares to a home on the water. And no other home on the water is quite like a Bayliner Cruiser.

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